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What’s New in WCAG 2.2

If you’ve been keeping up with the accessibility space, then you might already know that there’s a new and updated version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) that’s been under review for the last several months.

Nov 16 2023

Case Study: How Progress Uses Figma to Manage the Design Process

Ever wondered how the magic happens when it comes to designing and developing our Telerik and Kendo UI component libraries?

Sept 26 2023

A Developer's Guide to Implementing a Design System

You’ve seen the Figma kits, the style guide, and the written documentation; it all looks great, but it’s not code.

Aug 10 2023

Building Your Online Presence as a Developer

There’s tremendous value and benefit in putting both yourself and your work out there – and I’ve come to believe that it’s one of the best things that developers (especially beginning developers) can do for their careers.

Jun 1 2023

Debunking 6 Common Myths about D&I in Tech

I don’t think it’s surprising news to say that we have a diversity and inclusion problem in tech. rogress is happening, slowly – but it’s often impeded by myths and incorrect assumptions.

May 18 2023

How I Built This: KendoReact + Storybook

Ready for a hot take? I believe that the core of every great, functional design system is a component library.

Apr 29 2023

Everything You Need to Know About the Updated React Docs

Exciting news in the React world: after years of hard work and refinement, the former React Docs Beta have been promoted to official React documentation and are now live at!

Mar 17 2023

Getting Started With Accessibility for React

The thing we need to pay special attention to with regards to accessibility when working with React are the ways in which it modifies the DOM.

Jan 27 2023

Understanding Color and Accessibility

When it comes to making your applications accessible, the colors that you choose play a huge role!

Nov 20 2022

Contextual Design vs. Feature Driven Development

Ideally, design is the thing that positions itself in-between the user and the solution and becomes the bridge; when a design is perfect, the user won’t even notice that they’ve left solid ground and stepped onto a bridge at all.

Oct 27 2022

6 Ways to Start Coding Accessibly

In my opinion, the best thing we can do is to start writing accessible code to the best of our ability, with the acknowledgement that we might make a mistake! After all, isn’t that development works all the time?

Oct 25 2022

A Year in DevRel by the Numbers

By nature, you can’t quantify a valuable conversation, an actual human connection, a depth of learning, or many other things that are inherent to the work of DevRel.

Aug 31 2022

I can :has()?

Now is the perfect time to get up to speed on everything you need to know about this powerful and adaptable new CSS pseudo-class!

Aug 29 2022

Deploying Your CRA React App on Github Pages

Github Pages allows you to host a project directly from your Github account, quickly and easily.

Aug 1 2022

The Future of Color in CSS

Today, we’re seeing the shift from LCD to OLED screens, which opens up a whole new array of newly displayable colors for our usage.

June 28 2022

Using Figma Kits to Kickstart Your Design System

How do we get a quick and dirty Design System MVP up and running, with minimal time investment, in order to demonstrate the benefits? We do what great artists have done for centuries: start with someone else’s work.

June 15 2022

Layering Up with CSS Cascade Layers

With this new update, however, we have a new tool that allows us far more control over the cascade than we’ve ever had before.

March 10 2022

Design Systems for Developers

If you work with designers, chances are high that you’ve heard the words “design system” bandied about at least a few times.

Feb 11 2022

Accessibility First

Much like mobile-first, working accessibility-first means shifting the way you approach building your applications at a high level.

Feb 01 2022

I Don’t Know How to Explain to You That Being a Developer Means You Have to Care About Users

Users are more than a number – they’re not logins per day, page views per month, or engagement metrics to measure against our OKRs – they're real people.

Dec 16 2021

The Best Addons for Building Accessible Components in Storybook

If you've ever created a component library or even thought about creating your own, you already know that one of the biggest considerations is accessibility.

Nov 10 2021

You Probably Don't Need Media Queries Anymore

Now, with screens available in more or less any size you can imagine, it's time to shift our approach once again – the era of breakpoints is over and the era of fluid design is here.

Nov 08 2021

Taking a Look at `startTransition` in React 18

Let's take a look at (what I think) is going to be one of the coolest parts of the upcoming React 18 release: `startTransition`.

Nov 08 2021

Figma for Developers

Like any specialized software, a Figma file can be a little overwhelming to navigate if you're not familiar with it – so let's start from the top!

Jul 21 2021

Case Study: Large Scale CSS Refactoring in a Legacy Application

Have you ever faced a project so big, so intimidating, you weren't even really sure where to start? Like anything you did would just be chipping away at the base of a mountain that you'd never really be able to move?

July 06 2021

Bug Fix Fridays

How can you balance necessary internal work with continuing to produce in a way that will keep your sales team happy?

July 06 2021

9 Lesser-Known CSS Selectors To Up Your Styling Game

Ironically, making use of the more complex selectors will actually simplify your code, because it allows CSS to do what it’s really good at – cascade.

Sept 04 2020

How to Get Buy-In

I've talked at a few conferences lately about my experience building a component library, and without exception, I always hear the same thing: 'This sounds great! But how do I get the buy-in from my manager or team to actually do it?'

July 28 2020

Case Study: Building a Component Library

If you're interested in implementing a Component Library at your own workplace, this post will detail the steps I took, the lessons I learned, and the resources that inspired and guided me along the way.

Aug 17 2019

Improve Your Code Reviews: Critique like a Designer

Turns out, the lessons I learned critiquing other people's work in art school has helped make me a better code reviewer.

Mar 26 2019

Sprint Planning as Self Care

The word 'self-care' gets thrown around a lot...but really, it just means being in tune with yourself enough to recognize your own needs and accommodate them. A big part of self-care at work means balancing your load, and a crucial part of that happens during sprint planning.

Aug 17 2018

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

This, at its heart, is what Impostor Syndrome is. It’s the constant nagging voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re unqualified to do what you’re doing. And it’s being absolutely convinced, even after you do it, that your success was only due to luck, coincidence, or outside help.

Jul 17 2018

Your Questions Are Ridiculous; Ask Them Anyway

People will tell you that there's no such thing as a bad question, but that's not true. Anyone who has said to you 'There are no bad questions!' is only trying to make you feel better because you just asked a bad question.

Apr 13 2018

Understanding the Hierarchy of Competence

The Hierarchy of Competence is a model, developed by Noel Burch in the 1970s, that attempts to explain the stages we go through as we learn a new skill.

Oct 18 2017

The Designated Asshole: Lessons from my Dad on Leadership

Like a Designated Driver, The Designated Asshole is someone who has agreed in advance to do the less fun, but responsible thing.

Jul 10 2017

Graceful Resignation

For those of you that might be coming up on the end of one opportunity and the beginning of another, here's a list I've been working on over these last two weeks of things you can do to resign your job with grace and make sure your coworkers might actually miss you when you're gone.

Mar 30 2017