A Year in DevRel by the Numbers

Last modified August 31, 2022

Today, August 30, 2022, marks the completion of my first year as Developer Advocate for KendoReact at Progress. It’s been a really wonderful year, and I feel like I’ve really found my place in the tech industry with developer relations work.

Before this job, I was an individual contributor Front-End Engineer on a dev team, doing (what I would consider to be) fairly standard application development work – suffice to say, moving from that role into this one was a pretty big change. One of the biggest things I struggled with at first was the lack of standard measurements for success in DevRel. When I was an engineer, I could look at lines of code, PRs merged, stories completed, velocity, features launched, etc. While those were (and are) imperfect measurements in many ways, together they helped tell a story about my work. The same kind of metrics don’t really exist in DevRel, but I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the measurements that I can make re: my work over the last year.

By nature, you can’t quantify a valuable conversation, an actual human connection, a depth of learning, or many other things that are inherent to the work of DevRel. However, what can be measured is content, so you’ll notice as you review this roundup, that a lot of these numbers are content-centric. I have intentionally left out content popularity statistics (views, clicks, etc.) because I don’t feel like those paint a picture of my actual work – but you can bet I’ll be sending them along to my boss before our yearly review in my little brag sheet ;)

Overall, I think these numbers are interesting as a kind of “Year in the Life” picture of how I approach DevRel work. It’s absolutely not a complete picture of what I do, but it does reflect a lot of time, effort, and learning over the last year. To try and round out the data with some actual experiences, I’ve also included a “Takeaways” section beneath each one, where I can share some thoughts that might not fit neatly into a statistic.


Total Conferences Attended: 11

In-Person: 5

Virtual: 6

Total Submissions to CFPs (Calls for Proposal): 18

Accepted: 12 (I was accepted to 2 conferences that I ultimately couldn’t attend due to schedule conflicts)

Rejected: 6

Total Talks Given: 12 (at 2 of the conferences, multiple proposals were accepted)

Total Number of Presentations per Talk:

Learn Enough Design to be Dangerous: 5

Ditch the Media Queries: Modern Responsive CSS Techniques: 4

Building Your own Component Library: 1

DataViz UX Tips: 1

Design Systems for Developers: 1

Configuring Storybook to Create Accessible React Components: 1

Total Miles Traveled: 16,596 (flying miles approximated)



Articles Posted to Telerik Blogs: 19

Articles Posted to 12

Articles Published by Online News / Magazine Companies: 5

**Average Words per Article: ~**1100

Total Words Written: 48,571



Total Videos Posted on the KendoUI YouTube Channel: 8

Average Length per Video: 6-8min

Total Time of Video Content Created: 1 hour, 22 minutes



Total Livestream “Episodes” on the CodeItLive Channel: 34

Dev by Design Episodes: 12

UI Mondays Episodes: 11

Various One-off Livestream Events: 9

Total Time Spent Live on Stream: 1 day, 21 hours, 41 minutes (or ~46 hours)


The Big Picture Thoughts

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